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Book Recommendation: King of Capital

King of Capital by David Carey and John Morris details the story of Steve Schwarzman and his private equity power-house The Blackstone Group. This book is a great history lesson in modern finance. It does an amazing job covering major … Continue reading

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Winning in a Commodity Industry

Competing in a commodity industry can be a tough battle. Margins are often quite thin and it’s very difficult to differentiate the product/service from competitors. Loyalty is minimal and competing on price is a commonalty. There 2 ways a business … Continue reading

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High Frequency Trading: The Unnecessary Middleman

High frequency trading has been a hot topic of discussion over the past few years in the investor community. In his book, Flash Boys, Michael Lewis claims that the “market is rigged” because of high frequency traders. As well, Mark Cuban, Owner … Continue reading

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Book Recommendation: Swim with the Sharks

Swim With The Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive by Harvey Mackay is similar to Winning by Jack Welch in that both Harvey Mackay and Jack Welch go through several different areas of business and articulate their own opinion on how it … Continue reading

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Financial Statement Producers, Users and Auditors

Financial statements are one of the most relied-upon sets of documents that investors utilize in order to make investment decisions. There is an entire industry dedicated to providing assurance on financial statements produced by a companies’ management. When auditors are … Continue reading

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The DNA of the MLM Business Model

Herbalife has been making headlines frequently over the past year now, ever since last December when Bill Ackman publicly announced that the California-based multi-level marketing company was a pyramid scheme and unveiled that his hedge fund, Pershing Square Capital Management … Continue reading

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I have decided to blog again, with a different approach this time. With my previous blog, I often wrote about my personal experiences (travelling, conferences, projects, etc.). I will likely continue to write about my personal experiences, but on a … Continue reading

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